KPI: Talent – a unique “shared service” approach to the Commercial Recruitment sector. Empowering clients to secure the most relevant talent without the traditional costs and process issues which can reduce the quality of Recruitment service.
At KPI: talent, we recognise that recruitment is a target for everyone interested in “Disruption”; tech platforms, advertisers and social media gurus are all pushing to create the “new world” for mainstream recruitment services and access to candidates.  Without genuine relationships and consistency in resourcing schedules, it can be impossible to find the right talent for your team or business, that’s where KPI: talent can make the difference.

What we Offer:

Single Hire
Multi-Hire Project
Internal Recruitment – outsource to KPI:talent
KPI:talent solution

Further Information:

 For further information on how KPI: talent can transform your hiring process whilst reducing costs and time per hire please contact a member of our Account Management team on:

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